Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of Mörfelden-Walldorf:

On the 14th of March a new City Council will be elected in Mörfelden-Walldorf.
Many of you are citizens of a country belonging to the European Union or are
naturalised citizens of Germany and are therefore entitled to vote in this election.
Please be sure to exercise your right to vote in the election, or register to vote
by mail.

The voting system in Hessen — with „bundling“ (placing more than one of your
votes for the same candidate) and „splitting“ (voting for candidates from different
candidate lists) is rather complicated. If you have questions please feel free to
contact us for help in order to ensure that you can exercise your right to vote and
place a valid ballot.

Do you feel that

  •  the local government often exerecises politics over the heads of the citizens?
  • more affordable housing should be made available?
  • unpaid apprentices and jobs based on employment contracts of limited
    duration are unworthy?
  • all-day schools and child care should be available to everyone without charge?
  • every person has a right to live in a world of peace? In a world where no one
    is forced to flee from war, hunger or political persecution?
  • the costs of the corona crisis must not be imposed on the working population?

These are reasons to vote for DKP/Linke Liste.

In the DKP/Linke Liste communists, members of Die Linke party and independent
leftists work together. We support people who want to take their interests into
their own hands – in particular in the City Council.

We take your problems seriously. We fight for equality, social justice and humane
living and working conditions. Independent of race, creed or religion. For a
Mörfelden-Walldorf worth living in.

If you want to do more than just vote, if you want to get involved instead of just
being annoyed by things that happen or things that don’t happen but should,
contact us.

We will be happy to receive your comments and criticism.